Frequently Asked Questions

What is your product?
TRUFIG provides revolutionary flush-mounting solutions that are designed for the aesthetic-conscious in mind. The TRUFIG system consists of three major components that help conceal technology; a mounting platform (installation platform with metal back box), a sub plate (holds device in place) & paintable fascia (cover plate). 

How is the final finish achieved on the fascias?
 All TRUFIG fascias are delivered paint-ready and faux painted on-site to match the surrounding surface area material.

Where do I find a local dealer or distributor?
Please contact TRUFIG directly at +1 949 492 7777 or fill out the Contact Form located on our website under the Contact tab.

Do you need to be certified to install TRUFIG on a job?
The TRUFIG installation process incorporates traditional trade methods; ensuring fast, error-free outcomes. Although the process is similar to current installation procedures, the tolerance level of TRUFIG is .001” and all trades must be trained on the TRUFIG tools and process.

Who installs the TRUFIG mounting platforms?
Installation depends on the type of job and which trade has been trained.  This can be the Electrician, due to the electrical back box attached to the mounting platform; the drywall Contractor, since the platform replaces the surrounding drywall; or the Dealer who is managing the project.

I cannot find my device in your list of TRUFIG products? Do you provide any custom solutions?
Custom solutions are an option.  We would need to speak with you directly and develop a better understanding of your device and the scope of your project. We may ask for a sample of the device, or have a standard solution that may work for your project. Please contact TRUFIG directly at +1 949 492 7777.