Repeatable Installation Process

TRUFIG's installation process incorporates traditional trade methods ensuring fast, error-free outcomes every time. 

No more "one-offs." 


Get Involved Early

Having TRUFIG involved early in the design process, will ensure successful implementation of our TRUFIG solutions. Once commissioned, the base TRUFIG components are installed during the rough in phase of your project. Alternatively, if you are implementing a TRUFIG solution as a retrofit option, the mounting platforms can be cut and finished similar to a drywall patch; 
ensuring there will be no swelling or imaging.




The TRUFIG Mounting Platform

Mounting platforms are made of engineered drywall and contain an integrated electrical enclosure. With similar properties to gypsum, the platform can be easily incorporated into surrounding drywall. 


Trim Component 

Trim components allow a means to attach and secure a variety of devices to a TRUFIG mounting platform. Device shims are provided to help the installer keep a variety of devices flush with the wall's surface. 



Fascias provide a consistent and flush finish to a variety of devices. They are attached to the trim components and can be painted to match the surrounding surface.

TRUFIG Mounting Platforms allow for a repeatable, high-quality result across multiple technologies and in a variety of installation surfaces.

The Process

The TRUFIG installation process is similar for all devices.


Precision Aligned Technology

With our revolutionary mounting platforms, installers can easily align multiple devices
within the wall’s framing structure.



Mounting Platform Flexibility

TRUFIG mounting platforms can be cut-to-fit and positioned to accommodate various alignment scenarios, while the engineered installation process ensures a completely professional finish.

Center Aligned

Right or Left Aligned


Installation Videos

To learn more about the TRUFIG mounting system in each of the three major applications,
watch the installation videos below.


Field Painting Process

TRUFIG Fascias can be finished with light coat of paint to match the surrounding wall material, while maintaining all proper tolerances and a precision fit.

Faux Finishing

Faux finishing is a painting technique that transforms TRUFIG Fascias by replicating patterns and decorative finishes including: marble, wood, tile, and Venetian plaster. 

Compatible with Multiple Manufacturers

TRUFIG products have been designed to be compatible with multiple manufacturers and devices, which include, but are not limited to, the brands listed below.