TRUFIG has been recognized by Architects and Designers for its innovative design solutions.
Listed below are testimonials from design professionals and contractors that speak to the ease and success of our TRUFIG products.

"At Landry Design Group, we create architectural environments that are both
functional and beautiful.

Technology plays an important role in my clients’ life and home, and can often clash with the design decisions being made. TRUFIG provides a design solution, enabling me to seamlessly incorporate technology into my clients’ homes – allowing for the original design vision
to remain intact. 

TRUFIG products can be mounted flush into a wall or ceiling, maintaining a consistent aesthetic across various manufactures. TRUFIG fascias install easily within any type of construction, and work beautifully in tile and stone, wallpaper, paint and plaster. 

With TRUFIG’s repeatable installation process, different technologies can be installed easily and consistently. And by utilizing common trade practices, TRUFIG’s installation process empowers installers to achieve a precision finish for the aesthetic-conscious.

I appreciate the solution that TRUFIG provides, allowing for our innovative architecture to be highlighted and showcased." 


Richard Landry, AIA
Landry Design Group