Limitless Applications. Complete Solutions.

TRUFIG can be applied across multiple disciplines and integrated into many surfaces.



TRUFIG_Wiring Devices.jpg

Wiring Devices +
Lighting Control Solutions

Traditionally, keypads and receptacles protrude from the wall causing visual distractions. With TRUFIG, devices with various industrial designs harmoniously blend into your space. 

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Touch Panels + iPad Solutions

Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller while maintaining the elegance of your space.

HVAC Solution.jpg

HVAC Solutions

HVAC vents and returns typically protrude from the wall and ceiling,
why not provide air flow that is not only functional but stylish.

Linear Diffuser_notrack.jpg

Linear Diffuser Solutions

Unlike standard aluminum linear diffusers, TRUFIG linear diffusers are made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum, reducing the risk of cracking from expansion and contraction. 

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Blank Fascia Solution

With TRUFIG blank fascias, you can hide those rarely-used devices and power outlets whose location is often dictated by code.




Sonance Architectural Series® Speakers

Sonance Architectural Series Speakers utilize the revolutionary TRUFIG mounting process, delivering a consistent and high-quality flush-mount aesthetic. Available in round or square with a paintable trimless grille, in multiple sizes to perfectly compliment trim-less light fixtures.  

IS_White Interior w IS lineart.jpg

Sonance® Invisible Speakers

Sonance Invisible Speakers are the ultimate design expression in architectural audio. Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface, Sonance Invisible Speakers deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint.



One Solution. Multiple Surfaces.

The complete TRUFIG system installs flush with the wall, ensuring the integrity of the design space is not compromised.

TRUFIG fascias are delivered in paintable white to allow faux painted finish matching on site by a qualified tradesperson. Explore the versatility that allows you to customize each device to match any surface.